See your notifications in the order in which they arrive thanks to a new iOS feature.

Being able to receive notifications from various apps has long been a vital feature within iOS, but it has not been without fault.

Instead of being displayed in the Notification Centre in the order in which they arrived, notifications have been grouped by app, making it difficult to work out which was the most recent.

This issue came to the fore with the advent of Touch ID, where pressing the Home button unlocked the device straight away, giving you barely any time to register the latest on-screen notifications.

But with iOS 9, this problem has been resolved. No longer do you need to go down the list to spot new arrivals, and you can now sort your notifications based on time.

1 Alter your settings
To change the way you view your incoming notifications, head to the Settings app. Navigate to Notifications and tap Sort Order. It may well be automatically set to Manual.

2 Change to Recent
You will see two options: Recent and Manual. Tapping Recent ensures the notifications are sorted by the time in which they arrive rather than by the app that sent them.

3 Group by app
If you want notifications in order, regardless of app, disable Group By App. Otherwise, they will be sorted by each individual app and it won’t be clear which arrived most recently.